Wednesday, August 19, 2015

MM How Not-To Tips

Micro managing at its best.

Probably a good idea to not give direction for the day-to-day business without finding out what direction has already been given.  It's a good habit to ask questions like, "What did so and so supervisor/manager tell you to do?" or "How are you doing that work today?".   Your direction without knowing what direction has been given already is pretty confusing to employees.  Plus, maybe that's the job of someone else to worry about and not you.   So, from that point of view you could say it's undermining someone else.  If this is you, knock it off!   :)


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Conference Calls - WOT (Waste Of Time)

Why do people insist on waiting for arrivals on conference calls?  I'd get it if they were key players, but when they're not, why have 10 people wait even 5 minutes for someone to arrive?  You just wasted the equivalent of 50 minutes.  Start on time and don't recap for one person, you're still wasting time at that point.  Same thing for onsite meetings, be on time and don't wait.  That was the reason you set the meeting time, be prepared.

Can you tell I wasted much needed time today in meetings/conference calls?   :).


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Your Lack Of Patience Disturbs Me

Ugh, I'm sure most of you have experienced a boss who has mentioned how they don't like to micromanage, yet they do a pretty good job micromanaging their employees.  You get phrases like, "I'm not here to micromanage, let's hear your thoughts".  Of course he listens to words coming out of your mouth, but he doesn't really hear you. When you do get a chance to utter a few syllables you can tell he's already thinking about the next conversation and how he's dying to talk.  This is the same person who asks a question in email and if you don't reply in an hour he's going to your boss asking why there's been no response.   Umm, there's work to do, the day-to-day shit that helps pay the bills.

If you're this type of manager, you're a pain in the ass.  The employees who care about their work and do a good job for the company don't need to be managed in this way.  You think you're helping, but trust me, all you're doing is aggravating the good employees.  A good manager is fluid in their approach with leadership.   Different employees respond to different types of leadership.   The only thing you'll succeed in, is driving the good employees to another company.  So knock it off!