Monday, May 12, 2014

Dear Jane

Well, I finally received news.  It's not good news per se, but news.  I had a talk to my boss and they confirmed my position will not be in place once the outsourcer takes over.  I'm not surprised.  For the most part, I'm not the type of person who will start to lose motivation or do a poor job.   That's just not in my nature.  I can totally see someone losing their motivation pretty quick.  It's kind of messed up though.  LOL something like this going through my head...I need you to work hard and help us with the consolidation so you can be let go.   Umm, sure.  

We also know it'll be sometime in September too.  So I have less than 4 months before walking away from nearly two decades of dedication.  Sucks.   I know business decisions like this are made each and every day.  But it's difficult not to be bitter.   It feels like a company just tosses you aside.  I'll continue to come to work though with my head up, and be able to walk away saying the quality of my work didn't deminish.  :)


Monday, May 5, 2014

Just A Little Bit Longer

Well, the higher-ups have addressed the team again.  This time to mention our new "end" date.  Now set for mid-September.  How bad am I that I was hoping for it early in the summer so I could enjoy some time by the pool?   Anyway, another four months.  I should be happy though so I can try more to line something up.  They did tell us the outsourced would be interested in most of the employees to join their team. That's good news.

Dead pool update!   That supervisor I had a feeling was going to leave, did.  He actually gave notice just last week.  Good for him, he found a promotional opportunity outside the company.  Great to be able to leave and get a raise out of it.   I don't really have a good feel for who is next, so my choice is truly a guess.

For now, I'm still here.  I keep getting mixed messages about if I'll have a job post roll-in.  So as before I'll keep plugging away doing my usual fabulous work.   :p. The vendor was here a few days a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to spend any time with them.  I'm sure I'll have more opportunities to dazzle them.  Oh yeah, and since the date was extended to September, guess who has an anniversary in between and will get a new bank of sick time to use?  ;).