Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wait, what did you say?

We all have them.  Things we look back on and wonder, what the f*?@ was he/she thinking.  The boss says some shit sometimes that makes me wonder, really? How the hell did you get to this position making comments like that/??

FLASHBACK:  a month or so before the day when we are officially "separated" from the company.  My "boss" at the time thought it was a good idea to give me my anniversary award in front of an audience   Really?  I'm about to lose my job jacknut, whdy the fuck and you give me my anniversary placard?  Which is worth dick  BTW.  Ugh.  You've heard the saying, why don't you need a license to have a kid?  Well, why TF don't you need a license to be someone who supervises others???  Dicksmack, ugh. 

Sorry, that's what a few glasses of wine will do to you.  Rehash old memories that piss you off. lol  Well, things are better these days.  I have a new job.  Making decent money.  I just wish I wouldn't be responsible for anything.  Is that too much to ask?  lol 

Well, time to go watch some hockey.  :)


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