Monday, April 21, 2014

Out Of It

Hey everyone.  Sorry for the lapse in entries.  I ended up getting sick for the better part of a week and it just knocked me on my ass.  The good news is I'm better and back at work.  Well, the good news is I'm better.  Not sure if it's good to be back at work.  lol  I've never been hit that hard with being sick for that long.  It gets tougher to recoup as you get older.

Anyways, this is an exciting week at work.  They have announced the vendor taking over operations and they will be in, in mass, this week as they plan for the transition.  Pretty quiet today, but I'm sure that will change over the next few days.  The place is abuzz of speculation.  When the higher-ups dropped the news on us, they did mention the new vendor has an interest in taking over the workforce.  After of course, they interview folks.  But good news nonetheless.

On to the dead pool watch.  Okay, "dead pool" may be a bad term, but I'm referring to folks who have jumped ship. There's been a couple of hourly folks leave, but that's about it.  I did get wind that someone on the supervisor level has a lead with another company similar to ours. It sounds like a pretty good lead from what I've heard.  BTW, this supervisor was MY guess as being the next one going.  Too bad I can't find someone to take some good odds for that!

Anyway, almost time to leave work.  (I'm on break!  I don't take advantage of my work time for personal things).  So here's to a promising tomorrow.


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