Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Whole New World

Wow, I have been a bad, bad blog mommy.  LOL  I can't believe something that brought me a great outlet to vent and post my worries has gone to the back burner.  Well, I'm back.  And would like to update everyone on what's been happening since my last post.  :)

Let's see, the Reader's Digest version:

*  My company abandoned me.  lol not really, but they did lay me off.  Late last year they announced they were outsourcing the office/warehouse where I work.  Whatever.

*  I was hopeful for a long time that with my 10+ years with "the company" that I would find something within "the company".  That didn't work out so well. 

*  Near the end, I was told there was nothing for me within the new structure in "the company".  Okay, talk about rejection.  (Side note, lesson learned; just because you're loyal to a company doesn't mean they have to be loyal in return.  Sort of like a relationship.)

*  I was able to get a position (pretty similar to what I was doing) with the new company right before the transition to the new company.  Good news?  Who knows, the jury is still out.

*  Flash forward to today.  I'm still finding my way in the new position.  And of course, with a new company comes new processes and things you knew inside and out with the old company, you feel like a tool not knowing with the new company.

The *old* company was big, the *new* company is pretty small in comparison.  And just when I found some of the benefits of working for a smaller company, a larger company comes into the picture and is working to buy out the *new* company.  Here we go again.  Not really though.  The new company doesn't operate the same businesses.  They're buying us out so they can enter the market with the type of work we're doing.  So there has been no talk of layoffs or anything like that this time around.  For now. I have to be somewhat cynical considering what we've been through.  Sure, for now they have no plans to close us.  I'll believe it when we're still here for a couple of years.

Anyway, I hope everyone who finds their way to my blog a very merry Christmas.  I'm hopefull for the new year and the opportunity it will bring.  :)


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