Friday, January 16, 2015

I'll Take "Pride In My Work" For $100 Alex.

Well, another weekend is upon us.   I'm enjoying my last break of the day while writing this post.  There's nothing big planned for me this weekend.  Just the usual errands and maybe hang out with some friends.

We've really started to see the days at work becoming more "usual".  Things feeling new and all the learning of new systems and processes is turning into the same ol' stuff.  I suppose it's good, but the newness made the days go by quicker.   I know, I'm never happy!   That's not true.  The new position I have and the way the new company operates is way ahead of the way the old company did.  While I'm not overjoyed with working, I don't despise going to work each day. That's worth something.  : )

What's has been interesting to see unfold is the number of employees who transitioned from the old company who have quit.  I must say, not that I knew them all very well, but I think it's better that they left.  They wanted the pay without really working for it.  The new company held them to being productive and accountable.  I guess they couldn't handle the accountability of being an adult.  Guess what?  They're going to have a pretty hard time with most companies they end up with.  Imagine that, being asked to work for your pay.   It floors me the laziness and attitude of some workers today.  I don't care what your job is, have a little pride in your work and some work ethic.  But again, with the new company I really haven't noticed it much.   It's refreshing.


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