Friday, January 9, 2015

Management Lesson #241

In my years at the old company I've seen some really good managers and some who quite frankly, I wondered how they tied their shoes in the morning.

So I thought I would bestow some words of wisdom from the trenches.   This one from the "I wouldn't do this" category.  About a month or so towards the end of our time with the old company, the top leader in the building thought it was a good idea to gather a group into a team meeting and hand out an anniversary award placard to one of the lower level leaders.  One month left, and this lower level leader was losing his job.  What does the boss think is a good idea? Let the company express their gratitude of his tenure with a lovely piece of paper recognizing his dedication to the company.  I was literally standing there with my mouth open and speechless. Awesome tact.

A friend who is in the HR field uses that story in her new manager on boarding.  Ugh, it would be funny if it weren't true.  I still feel bad for that guy.  I could tell he was as shocked, but he still mustered a smile.


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