Sunday, January 11, 2015

Someone Has A Case Of The Mondays

Ugh, no matter what company you work for, no one can be excited about a Monday.  There's a whole weeks' worth of work ahead of you and the weekend seems so far away.  Hell, it's Sunday and I already feel like I'm in Monday mode!  There's a point during the weekend where you feel you have all the time in the world ahead of you.  Friday night and Saturday the last thing on my mind is work.  But Sunday, especially in the afternoon I start thinking about what my workload is going to be for the week.

I wonder what it will be like to retire and not having to think about prioritizing my Monday.  Or I'll be prioritizing it in a different way.  After I retire, what's going to be the bigger decision on the day?  What will I have for dinner?  Lunch?  I can't imagine going from all crazy non-stop firedrills, to having not really much to prioritize.

Is this why some retirees end up passing on early, from going so fast to a snails pace they just can't handle the change.  There's something wrong with the way we work here.  Maybe it's just the companies I've worked for, maybe not like this everywhere.  But we seem to be so connected, efficient, tools at our fingertips making our work faster and more efficient.  Yet, we're overwhelmed.  Working 50-60 hours a week we are working ourselves to an early grave.  The work we do in a normal day today would have taken days in our father's generation. Yet it's not enough, there's more work handed to you.  And when you're good and show how proficient you can be with your resources, your reward?  More work.  And sure, some say it's a choice. "Find something else to do", some may say.  It's easy to say things like  that when we may not be in that situation.  Understanding is something we should all look for.

This may not be a popular thing to say, but I dare say it's not even about the money.  It's about a true life balance.  Those companies who have the happiest employees are those whose leadership not only talk about life balance, but insist on it. It's not about the money.

Sorry, that entry was all over the place.  I started it with the intention of just talking about how I really don't like Mondays, lol.  It may be the wine and thinking about friends of mine, some all across the spectrum of employment.  From out of work for years and struggling to make ends meet, to life long dedicated employees who have seen jack in return for their loyalty.  No matter how you look at it, it's disgusting to me. 


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