Wednesday, February 5, 2014

California Dreaming

It seems like one snowstorm after another around.  In my neck of the woods, we're now ranking this winter with the top worst ever.  Nothing like going for a record.  And we really still have another month before there's somewhat of a spring light. We we're hit with 6" of snow last night and it supposed to get arctic cold again.

As I get older, I realize I really dislike this weather and would rather be someplace warm.  As nice as I think it would be to be someplace with warm winters after we retire, I think I would miss four seasons.   My other half and I discuss our options, dreaming of better, relaxing days.  But then we think, by that time we likely won't be working.  So who cares how much it snows, by then we'll just camp out at home since there's no need to leave the house. Lol   Do we not like this winter weather because we have to be in it each day and would we think differently if we didn't have to go out in a big storm?


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