Monday, February 24, 2014

Got Training?

I'm looking forward to the career guidance the company is providing via an outside vendor.  Included with the training will be resume building and some social media information.  I'll take it!  While I feel pretty comfortable with both those topics, I'm bound to find something good in the information. 

Admittedly, I haven't looked over my resume in years.  I know it's a poor excuse.  You should update it every now and then regardless of how you feel about your current position.  It's always easier to update accomplishments and responsibilities when they're happened recently.  I've been motivated to start working on it so when I have the class I can really scrutinize my work. 

In closing news, there's still no news.  We're on the cusp of March already, barely at 3 months left until the original date they gave us last fall.  I'm getting antsy too.  There's been nothing really good within the company that I've found interesting.  I keep saying I hope we'll hear something soon so I know at least what potential positions there will be "after".  As the time winds down, my warm and fuzzy feeling about sticking with the company is fading away.


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