Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No Flexibility

I can never tell if someone is doing something because of spite, to assert their authority, or both.  The other day I asked my manager if I could leave early a day next week for a doctor appointment.  My manager said I will have to take sick time to cover.  Now, I should mention I'm salary and put in plenty of hours above my scheduled time.  I also call in very infrequently and schedule all my time off well in advance.  So the very few times I do ask for some latitude and ask to leave early a couple hours the answer should be, no problem.  But no, I'm expected to use some of my sick time. 

I get it, my sick time is for things like this.  But, leadership should understand they can't have it both ways.  In that I mean they can't "nickel and dime" you for time when you regularly put in more than your regular and even more than your peers.  I would also accept it if, IF, this was a habit for someone.  If they have a habit of asking for a half hour here, an hour there, then yes they should be using sick time. 

How do leaders repay their good workers? Most of the time they give them more work.  I've been frustrated about this for a week and really need to let it go.


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