Sunday, March 23, 2014

Career Training

We had more career "training" this week.  I use the quotes around training, because this session was more about how to put together your resume.  Truth be told, I did enjoy it.  Although to me resume writing is a big PITA.  I mean, they're very subjective, don't you think?  And in this case, we received the instructors opinion of how resumes should be written.  I think the trainers just go with the popular flow as it were.  Whatever the resume du jour is, that's the method taught.

The vendor the company solicited I had never heard of.  But after doing some research, they don't seem to be some gimmicky place.  And after the training I felt pretty good about my opinion of them.

The half-day class went along at a nice pace.  Some redundant information I had already infused in my resume.  Still, it was decent guidance. Of most interest to me that I learned was a change to my summary.  A more general yet non-my company way of wording my position.  I changed that part of my resume right away.  After a few more tweaks, and some back and forth changing, I have a pretty nice version to share with prospective employers.

I'm feeling pretty good today.  Perhaps it because Spring has finally arrived.  Or perhaps we're getting closer to our supposed cut-off day.  I'll be happy if I can stay with the company, but a part of me wouldn't mind being off for the summer and enjoying some pool time.  ; )


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