Sunday, March 16, 2014

Seeing into the future

Of course, we can't see into the future.  If I could, that huge lottery jackpot would be mine.  But what I can do is hedge my bets, so to speak.  I want to stay with the company without question.  And I have a lead on a position with one of the vendors coming.  But I've also been working on ideas I can do on my own if things don't work out.  My own business ideas.  I've been keeping this notebook with me the last couple months, jotting down ideas, thoughts, research, etc.  Some way out there ideas, but some which I may be able to make a living doing.  This scares the hell out of me.  There's something to be said for working within the safety of a big company.  Well, I had to laugh as I typed that word, "safety".  Not really feeling safe these days even though I'm working for a very large company.  So, I suppose I can't use that for an excuse anymore.  ; )

My notebook.  Lots of ideas of varying interests I have.  The more I spend gathering data and thoughts, the more I really think I can put some of these ideas to practice and maybe even have a shot at not only doing something I enjoy, but to make a living off of doing it.  I feel after the experience I've gathered over the years, I have some very marketable skills which companies could benefit.  For now though, I need to keep doing some research and data gathering.  I have to say, my significant other has been nothing less than 100% supportive in my ideas and really believes there's something out there for me to do which I not only will enjoy, but I'd excel at.


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