Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Week Ahead

Well, we're all anticipating some news this week.  Not sure what the news will be specifically, but we're all betting on it happening.  The big shots went to corporate last week to go over the bids and make a determination on what outsource company will get the job.  That's not really "good" news, but news nonetheless.  Which is more than we've heard since last fall.  Then at least we can hope the new company will be requiring some help, *wink-wink*.  Of course though, there's still been nothing good posted for internal jobs.  And with the length of time our recruiting department takes, someone would almost have to see something posted today in order to just make it for an early June deadline.  Ugh.

 We are potentially looking as soon as early June, that's right around the corner.  Part of me is okay with that, and part of me would like the to run long with the timeline.  It would be nice to have some extra days with my other half during the nice summer months.  It would give us some time to spend together and do some fun things that a limited amount of vacation time wouldn't allow.

In other news, we should all be receiving our annual merits this week.  Another bittersweet thing.  Here's some more money, for now.  I'll take it.  If I land on my feet and stay with the company, I'll be happy for whatever increase I end up getting.


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