Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, Monday

Yeah, many of my post subjects are names of songs.  Between movie quotes and song quotes, I think I could have a conversation with just using them.  :)

A pretty non-eventful time it's been at work.  We're in the midst of a cold snap here.  Schools and businesses are closed.  But not mine.  I think in the years I've been with the company, there's been but one day they closed up for the day.  So one of the big wigs in the place has had meetings with everyone noting job postings on the company website.  I suppose it's a good form of communication.  But by now, we're all very attuned to the company job site and don't really need someone telling us about jobs on there.  Most of us check the site daily for updates.  lol

Here we are almost February first.  Four short months from now it will be nearly June and close to the final days.  I keep saying to myself it will go quick.  It's gone pretty quick since that day they told us the news.

Not that there's enough pressure with closing shop.  But we're also on the cusp of launching a couple of new systems.  Not just a little move to a new system, but a huge undertaking.  They're recruiting supervisors to help with the change.  I suppose they figure they have more latitude with the supervisors work, and motivation.  They really haven't let any of the hourly folks in to help.  They'll have to at some point.  But I think they feel the hourly folks lack motivation considering the situation.  Well, probably.  lol  I kind of feel bad for those salary folks.  They don't have much of a choice if they want their stay-on bonus or consideration in the "new world".

Stay warm!


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