Monday, November 11, 2013

Not So Manic Monday

Mondays have been particularly tough since the announcement.  It's hard to stay motivated and focus.  Not just for me, I can see it in everyone else too.  This makes for some long days, that's for sure.

I think having 6-9 months before the official "close" is more of a curse than anything.  I mean, I'll keep busy and do my job.  I find the easiest way to deal with it, if you can call it easy, is to keep busy doing a lot of work.  It helps the day go by faster and keeps my mind off the elephant in the room.

I'm trying to find out some information from HR about what would be in store if I were to wait until the end and get severance.  Things like, if I have vacation and sick time, will I get paid out for both?  I want to stay with the company, but I'm the kind of person who does better with these situations when I have all the details. 


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