Friday, November 22, 2013

What to do next?

It been a pretty somber week in the whole facility.  It's interesting though, attendance is high.  In a facility where there's 150+ employees and our work here isn't highly skilled.  Our attendance has usually been a problem.  Not this past week.  The management team keeps spreading the "positive" part of knowing there are 6-9 months.  That only helps on the chance of finding another internal position.  Then if there is an interesting internal position, there's our recruiting process.  It's painfully slow.  Even when we post entry level positions, from the time of interview to first day of work can be a month or longer.  That's just crazy.  I get the part that it does take time to do the drug test and the background check can take a while.  But geesh. 

The senior "leadership" team who delivered the fateful message mentioned it was because of cost and efficiency savings.  They said they were concerned for everyone and would do what they can to help employees find other positions, help with resume writing and interviewing skills. I see it just like the big tobacco companies.  They'll put on the warnings, have anti-smoking campaigns for the young, but at the end of the day they still want you to smoke.  At the end of the day what the senior "leadership" team doesn't tell you is that you have no special treatment when it comes to internal positions.  You apply and all you have is to hope for the best.  Big companies like mine want you to be loyal to them, but there are only a few companies which are loyal to YOU.  And mine is not one of them.

Many can say I'm cynical due to my position with losing my job.  No, I've been pretty cynical to big business and overpaid executives for some time.  I put on a good front at work, an outstanding one I dare say.  Besides, given I have 6-9 months of employment left after giving years upon years of hard work and excellent performance reviews, I can be as cynical as I want.

Yes, it's bee that kind of day today.  Sorry.


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