Sunday, November 10, 2013

Welcome! Err, goodbye?

Welcome. Welcome to what could very well be the end of my career at my current company. You see, a few weeks ago we were told the Company was closing the facility where I currently work. I suppose we were all lucky in that they didn't tell us go to home right then and there. I've seen that scenario play out with others I know who worked for the Company. Not this time though, we were given 6-9 months time.  And no other information. Great.

So now the facility of 150+ employees, including myself have an uncertain future. And with the little information we've received so far, all we can do is wonder and hope for what's to come. All the vague notification gave us is more questions.

I figured what better way to chronicle my personal journey to unemployment. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and experiences and get a little insight to what happens when an average Jane could become unemployed. Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts.


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