Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Black Friday Deal?

I worried about money before the big announcement and even more so now.  But this week I've been getting kind of upset and frustrated at the same time. The people at work I socialize with on a regular basis have been talking about all the deals they got on Black Friday.  I know you still need to get Christmas presents for your family, but did YOU really need a new XBox One and 5 games?  I suppose I don't know their situation completely.  But when there's a pretty good chance you may be out of a job in the next 7 or 8 months, shouldn't you at least be watching how much money you're spending on yourself?  And it's the same folks who keep saying they don't know what they'll do if they're out of a job.  Well, you'll be pawning that XBox One, lol.

I know it's not fair to judge them, but it's more trying to understand the why.  I just hate to see the worst case scenario come up and someone I know being put through that. 

Well, two more days left before the weekend and another two enjoyable days off.  Woohoo!


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