Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lazy Time

Well, home for New Year's Eve.  We may go do some shopping tomorrow.  It's kind of an annual thing for us.  We like to go out on New Year's day to hit some clearance at a few stores.  Years ago, we were out on New Year's day killing time when we came upon a few deals.  Some really good deals.  So, each year we go out bumming on New Year's day, it's a thing for us.  Most of the time we don't really find anything, but every once in a while.  : )  Of course, it's as much for us to spend time together than anything.

I still have to work on Thursday and Friday so it will be a quiet day tomorrow.  I'm anxious to get the new year going.  Hopeful for some new job postings within the company.  And hopeful for the company to give us some definitive news about the closing.  We've heard nothing about the outsource vendor, a final date, any stay on bonuses, pretty much nada.  The unknown is the worst.

But for tonight, it'll be a nice dinner and a movie with my other half.  :)



  1. Lazy days at home are the best. Hope your Thursday and Friday pass quickly and you have some questions answered.

    1. Well, today went by pretty fast! One more to go!