Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blinded Me With Science

One thing I've noticed since the announcement that's pretty interesting is how different people are dealing with "the news" It's like a large scale psychological study group.

And I get it, I do, people have things going on and need their income. But that aside, there are some people with similar home situations who still are dealing with this in very different ways.There are some people who are looking for positions all over the place, both external and internal and will take just about anything. And others who are just ready to sit back and wait it out to see what happens. And you can see the stress more with those who are anxious to find something now. 

It's sad though when you can really tell how someone feels just by the look of defeat they have.  I try to encourage the folks I regularly sit with, there's many folks younger than I am and don't have as many life experiences to measure this against.  For me, I've been through this before a few times.  Couple that with my pretty laid back attitude and, for the moment at least, I don't worry much about it.  

What I am worried about right now though, is dinner.  Need to get that going!


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